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Meet the Pelayos "meet the Pelayos".
Adventist missionaries Roger and Evelyn,
serving in Madagascar

Evelyn Pelayo
My work is not hard compared to my husband’s but I have challenges (of my own) to face everyday. Working with the students in the library and attending to their needs is fun. Language barriers are common. I agree that learning another language is not an easy task but I am managing. I work at the local primary school on our campus as an English teacher and it makes me happy to see these children making efforts to read and write in English. With my own hot spot I help students to know Christ by sharing Bible stories, verses, and songs. I enjoy my work as guest house coordinator, letting people know that we care through our provision of comfortable rooms, beds, and food.

As a couple our hobby is sharing and helping others who are in need. We visit schools, especially church schools, academies, and universities. We love to go to the neighboring villages, distributing clothes and food. We enjoy feeding visitors in our home.

As missionaries we have learned to appreciate the simplicity of the local people: their interest to learn and be taught drives us to do more ministerial outreach in the neighboring villages of the university. It helps us to grow strong in our faith, thus refining us to be mirrors of the love of God to others.

Roger & Evelyn Pelayo
Adventist University Zurcher

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