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Evangelism and Outreach

Evangelism and outreach was a major pillar in the foundation of MVC.  From the earliest days it provided a unique feature for the college.  Most Public Relations releases for the college centered on its outreach, its work program, its rural location, and its quality yet practical education.  These features resonated with donors as these values of Christian education were being largely lost by other SDA colleges.  From 1970 through the 80's no solicitation was done for evangelism or outreach.  An abundance of stories, new releases, and personal witness brought in unsolicated funds to support these aspects of MVC.  Solicitation was only done for capital improvements, many of which supported outreach as well.

Early pictures were black and white and were developed in Manila or Cebu.  With urgency needed in making PR releases Don Christensen began developing black and white picture in his home using the bathroom sink.  Because of water temperature and other factors some of the pictures were not the best.  All of the negatives are still available and the pictures could be improved by using these negative to create new prints.  With color becoming available most prints were subsequently developed in Manila.  In the early 1980's movie and video were introduced as part of the PR releases.  In addition to prints numerous color slides were also made.  As the prints and slides are scanned into digital format many of them will be put in the college on this website.

Don Christensen

Photo from late 1950's showing outreach.  Note the use of vehicles, animal, and walking.
Don Christensen giving a check for the purchase of a used transmitter from a station in Fort Bragg, California for DXCR at MVC
The transmitter was rebuilt by Job Tanamal in Sacramento, California and shipped to the Philippines.
Job Tanamal helps to unload the transmitter from Don Christensen's truck for shipment to MVC.
The ribbon cutting for the new transmitter at MVC as carried out by Neal Wilson, General Conference President.  He is assisted by Pastor Gayao, Enrique Ramas, and Pastor Butler the treasurer of the General Conference.
The college choir was a major part of this youth congress held in Bacolod.  On the platform in this picture are Neal Wilson, Pastor Arrogante, Pastor Clark, and others.
Chordal Streams was a choir that performed both on and off campus.
Baptism of Monobos as the result of the efforts of the Student Missionary program. The SM program of MVC was the world's first indigenous SM program by a SDA college.
Ribbon cutting for a new mission school.
Baptism held at Mantinao Springs. Almost 3000 were baptized on this Sabbath by many pastors including Neal Wilson from the General Conference.  Many of the baptisms were due to outreach by MVC students.
The corn at MVC was much higher than other corn nearby.  Many came to see why.  It was our agriculture witness.
Even construction projects acted as outreach.  A number of individuals came from the U.S. to help in contruction and they became great supporters of the college.  Here they are instructing in the proper method of laying block.
Each theology student was required to hold at least one evangelistic series before graduation.  This student was participating in such a program.
In the late 70's health became a major component of evangelism.  Students used charts made on campus to illustrate their lectures.
The lady in this picture was flows to MVC to have a goiter operation in the clinic.  Note the goiter on her neck.
People waiting for evangelistic program to begin.
Student greeting children at evangelistic effort
Two PR pictures promoting health outreach of the college. In the lower picture Pastor Paypa is instructing on how to use a charcoal poltice.
Mission School church
Health educator training program held by the college.
Relief operations using college plane.
Assisting the South Philippine Union Mission in relief operations. Reuben Lachica, Mr Aquino, and Pastor Diaz are assisted by students.
PR photo used to promote MS
Student held evangelistic series
One of many victims who survived the earthquake in Cotabato.  The tidal wave wiped out 3000 lives.  This lady was lucky.  MVC's airplane was used prominently in rescue efforts.
for a time students were flown to the Almendras airstrip on Sabbath where they held meetings in several churches and then returned on Sunday morning.
Student prepare for outreach to Camigan Island
DXCR was the only SDA radio station in the Philippines for many years. In the late 80's equipment was acquired to go FM but it was never installed.
These officials came to review the college program especially because they had heard so much about the college and wanted to see for themselves.  Left to right they are  Dr. Smoot, President of Andrews University; Dr. Richard Hammel, VP of the General Conference; Dr. Brown, Educational Director of the General Conference, Pastor Moreno, President of MVC; Dr. Otis Edwards, Educational Director of the FED; Dr. Malcolm Maxwell, Academic Dean of Walla Walla College.
Peter Donton and his wife with a representative of the medical department of the General Conference. This pictue was taken in Marawi City.  Peter was the first SM from MVC and with his wife they pioneered work with the Muslims several kilometers south of Marawi City.
Dental outreach by Dr. Aba and his students at a remote location south of Davao.
The hydroelectric plant of the college brought considerably notariety to the college.  It also provided electricity needed badly by DXCR and the entire operation.  Because of its two hydroelectric plants the college was known as the school of the light.  These pictures shown part of the contstruction phase.  One section shown took constant pouring of concrete for over 30 hours.  Student and staff built the entire project which took 7 years.  The bottom picture shows those present at its first test.
This PR picture was done to demonstrate the need for more classrooms.  It was never used by a similar picture brought in several thousand dollars for classroom upgrading.
First on the ground survey for an airstrip at Bulalang Mission School.
Health education class at Kibangay
Some of destruction in Pagadian as the result of the earthquake and tidal wave.
The Sultan Hotel in Cotabato. Many hotels and large building collapsed with people in them as the earthqake occured at 2:00 a.m. and was felt even at MVC
The MVC plane worked closely with the Philippine Military in rescue operations.  In turn they helped us bring in rescue supplies from Manila and ADRA.
Since most roads were out the MVC plane did rescue and relief operations daily in the area south of Cotabato.  These were individuals were airlifted to Cotabato. The airstrip used at this location was almost destroyed but still usable.
Here Dr. Ellacer from MVC and Don VanOrnam from ADRA are being shown Pagadian. The military is assisting in unloading some clothing.
Mr Christensen was requested by the governor to tour this hospital in Cotabato to see what could be done to assist in providing medical supplies.  For several days Dr. Aba and Mr Christensen worked with the rescue operations and it put MVC on the TV news in Manila.
PR picture of students giving Bible studies. One picture was for Tribal Minorities and the other for non minorities.
Sabbath School congress held at MVC
Pastor and Mrs Osborn, Assistant Treasurer of the General Conference; Don Gilbert, FED Treasurer were flown to MVC and then to Bacolod.  This picture was taken in the Bacolod airport.  They were very supportive of MVC.
Muslim girl, a child of a Muslim family who invited Mr. Christensen to their home.
The host of Mr Christensen in a Muslim part of the Philippines

Making friends with Muslim children