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Murdoch Files

We would like to thank Todd Murdoch Jr. for making many of these pictures possible.  They are of significant historical significance to the Alumni of MVC
A Christmas card from the Hills to the Murdochs

Group of ladies who came at 7:00 a.m. to sing happy birthday to Mrs Murdoch

Christmas card that Murdochs used one year.  The entire family is shown riding Carabaos
Shot inside greenhouse experimenting with
the germination of rice.  The picture was signed
"Mutya" Jan 6, 1982
Christmas card from Fe & Salcor Quines- 1967
A Christmas card to Pastor and Mrs F Jamandre
Dr and Mrs Lolis and daughters- 1959
Pastor Mudoch conducting funeral. Name on back of picture said "Reyes".

Student library workers

Lower Lilingayon church, 1971. Picture provided by Br. Aguilar.